May 102013
The Future of American Companies in China

Milton Kotler’s Presentation at Kellogg’s Graduate School’s 2013 China Forum, May 11, 2013 Key questions:  [Trend] What are the top three trends in recent years about China market, regarding business environment/ regulation, competitive landscape, consumer behaviors, and value chains? How would they re-shape China market and your company’s China strategy in the future? MK Answer to 1: A) The most Cheapest provigil

May 092013

    Thank you for your feedback, Milton, I greatly appreciate (and am humbled by) the input from one of the preeminent thought leaders in Sino-International Marketing.On partnering: I could not agree more. I believe that some of the most     lucrative opportunities in China and in the US are most efficiently     exploited by win-win partnerships, mainly because the alternative of Where to purchase diflucan in Baltimore

May 082013
Highjacking Natural Gas!

“President Obama has signaled support for more plants to export liquefied natural gas (sic.LNG), as a key new element of its national security policy.” This sounds sensible, but does it make economic sense for the country? It may fit his agenda of doubling exports, but what about his agenda for a manufacturing recovery for new jobs, based on the competitive [read more]

Apr 302013
Philip Kotler Proposes Thailand Host World Marketing Summit 2014

Professor Philip Kotler met with Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to propose for Thailand to host World Marketing Summit 2014. Now is the era of Asian marketing, driven by fast growth and considerable development investment. Thailand is a key ASEAN market player with a vibrant culture–making it an ideal host country. Prime Minister Yingluck assigned the project and coordination to Terms of payment

Apr 292013

Watch Philip Kotler’s interview on The Business Voice ( discuss marketing in times of economic uncertainty. He answers such questions as: Why is it important for a company to view it as both an opportunity and a danger? Why is it a bad idea to cut costs across the board? Stop cutting the budget that creates your sales! Learn how Where to buy levitra in Saudi Arabia online