Jun 132014
Kellogg School of Management China Forum, 2013

Panel description: China has become one of the most important international markets for multi-national companies (MNCs). China’s market is fast growing and dynamic. Chinese consumers are getting wealthier with changing behaviors, thus affecting all enterprises in the supply ecosystem. State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and local private companies are continuously striving to enhance their competitiveness. To gain a sustainable growth in the [read more]

May 102013
The Future of American Companies in China

Milton Kotler’s Presentation at Kellogg’s Graduate School’s 2013 China Forum, May 11, 2013 Key questions:  [Trend] What are the top three trends in recent years about China market, regarding business environment/ regulation, competitive landscape, consumer behaviors, and value chains? How would they re-shape China market and your company’s China strategy in the future? MK Answer to 1: A) The most [read more]