May 092013

    Thank you for your feedback, Milton, I greatly appreciate (and am humbled by) the input from one of the preeminent thought leaders in Sino-International Marketing.On partnering: I could not agree more. I believe that some of the most     lucrative opportunities in China and in the US are most efficiently     exploited by win-win partnerships, mainly because the alternative of [read more]

May 082013
Highjacking Natural Gas!

“President Obama has signaled support for more plants to export liquefied natural gas (sic.LNG), as a key new element of its national security policy.” This sounds sensible, but does it make economic sense for the country? It may fit his agenda of doubling exports, but what about his agenda for a manufacturing recovery for new jobs, based on the competitive [read more]

Apr 142013
Philip Kotler on Nation Building

Most nations never reach their potential! This statement applies not only to basket-case nations such as Haiti and Yemen, or even struggling nations such as Myanmar and Laos.  We can make the same statement about most industrial  nations, including Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.  Do you even think that the United States has reached its true potential with 15 percent [read more]

Apr 132013
Philip Kotler on Megacity Marketing

MegaCities are the Driving Force in Economic Development.In 1973, Richard J. Barnet and Ronald E. Mueller published Global Reach: The Power of the Multinational Corporations.  The authors criticized the growth and power of Multinational Corporations and their role in the American expansion abroad in empire-building and colonization.  They warned that multinational corporations are designed to exploit other nations.  They would [read more]

Apr 052013
Milton Kotler's Remarks on Macro Economy Issues at the 2013 China Business Conference at Columbia University

April 5, 2013: New York: I had the pleasure of speaking on the Macro-Economy panel today at the Annual China Business Conference, jointly sponsored by the Columbia Business School and the Greater China Society. The conference is one of the largest on the East Coast and serves to elevate understanding of China’s rapidly growing–and just as rapidly evolving economy. Participants [read more]