Jun 132014
The Global Economy of Cities By Philip and Milton Kotler

(Published by the Cambridge Marketing Review, August 2013: Overview: Philip Kotler and Milton talk us through the global economy of cities in this fascinating feature. This excerpt is taken from their forthcoming 2015 book “Winning Global Markets: How Businesses Invest and Prosper in the World’s High-Growth Cities) Much of the growth of nations is tied to the growth of their [read more]

Jun 122014
A Tale of Two Cities: New Market Economy or Old?

The center of middle class consumption and life style is shifting from West to East, principally to China and India. This is driven by urbanization and global market economics. The West has been the primary home of urban middle class life for over a hundred years. This has shaped their Western identity and confidence, and is inculcated in national self-consciousness. [read more]

Jul 212013
Wal-Mart at a Crossroad

Wal-Mart faces a daunting business challenge. When Wal-Mart started its high growth strategy in 1969, it followed the movement of American middle class families from declining cities to new suburbs. Wal-Mart built thousands of stores to service this massive migration of growing household income, along with distribution centers to link these suburban and exurban stores into the largest retail chain [read more]

Jul 102013
Fresh American Cherries in China at the Same Price!

Chinese consumers can buy fresh Washington State Sweet Bing Cherries on Alibaba’s consumer website Tail.com for $6.56 a pound. It costs an American eComerce consumer $14.42 a pound on Packitrite.com. Unbelievable, but it is happening and here is how it works. For a small deposit, Chinese consumer can place a TMail order at a place marker price. Depending on the volume of [read more]

May 102013
The Future of American Companies in China

Milton Kotler’s Presentation at Kellogg’s Graduate School’s 2013 China Forum, May 11, 2013 Key questions:  [Trend] What are the top three trends in recent years about China market, regarding business environment/ regulation, competitive landscape, consumer behaviors, and value chains? How would they re-shape China market and your company’s China strategy in the future? MK Answer to 1: A) The most [read more]