Jul 212013
Wal-Mart at a Crossroad

Wal-Mart faces a daunting business challenge. When Wal-Mart started its high growth strategy in 1969, it followed the movement of American middle class families from declining cities to new suburbs. Wal-Mart built thousands of stores to service this massive migration of growing household income, along with distribution centers to link these suburban and exurban stores into the largest retail chain [read more]

May 102013
The Future of American Companies in China

Milton Kotler’s Presentation at Kellogg’s Graduate School’s 2013 China Forum, May 11, 2013 Key questions:  [Trend] What are the top three trends in recent years about China market, regarding business environment/ regulation, competitive landscape, consumer behaviors, and value chains? How would they re-shape China market and your company’s China strategy in the future? MK Answer to 1: A) The most [read more]

Apr 132013
Philip Kotler on Megacity Marketing

MegaCities are the Driving Force in Economic Development.In 1973, Richard J. Barnet and Ronald E. Mueller published Global Reach: The Power of the Multinational Corporations.  The authors criticized the growth and power of Multinational Corporations and their role in the American expansion abroad in empire-building and colonization.  They warned that multinational corporations are designed to exploit other nations.  They would [read more]

Mar 072013
Heinz Goes to Brazil

A great American brand can become too big for its American britches. Heinz is selling itself to Brazilian 3G Capital and Warren Buffett for $23 billion. Buffett will take his dividends on preferred stock and give operating control to 3G Capital. A venerable American company is heading south to a BRIC powerhouse. This is not the first time great American [read more]