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The purpose of this site is to advance understanding and solutions on the important issue of economic growth. What factors advance or retard economic growth in a city, region or nation? What determines the distribution of the benefits of economic growth?  When is economic growth too low or too high?  What is the impact of politics ?  What role is played by culture in economic growth?  We invite your comments and insights.   – Philip and Milton Kotler

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  1. I just looked through your first chapter. You have touched upon something that has been bothering me for many years — it seems that just when we need creative thinking about finding new sources of revenue, improving the performance of segments, and so on, we cut back on our administrative capacity to discover and execute the programs we need. This points to a prior lack of strategic preparedness: — too often, we’re not thinking creatively and dynamically about the value of investments in our “cost centers” as environmental conditions change. As a result, we are unable to justify costs and protect key resources, staff, and capabilities. The tools you mention provide a good high-level starting point. Practitioners need drill these tools down so that we are not always cutting our legs off right when we need to run.

  2. very interesing and got more knowledge that open our eyes & extend our vision. Thanks for free download chapter 1.
    Want to get free download for the rest chapters also to learn.
    Thaks a million.

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