Apr 032013

GWU School of BusinessDownload Philip Kotler’s Maxon Lecture, given at the George Washington University School of Business. In it, he discusses the relationship between company profits, company reputations and corporate giving. He shares the current thinking and answers to such questions as:

  • What are the key factors that contribute to a strong corporate reputation?
  • Is it right for a company to give away investors’ money under the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
  • What are the major ways that a company can manifest social responsibility?
  • How can the company measure the impact of its social giving on the recipients and on itself?
  • How much does corporate social responsibility enhance the corporate reputation?
  • Are socially responsible companies more profitable?
  • Under what conditions will corporate social responsibility lead to higher profits?


The Robert P. Maxon Lectureship was established through Dorothy Maxon’s generous endowment gift to the School of Business in honor of her husband, Robert P. Maxon, B.A. ’48. A distinguished GW alumnus, Robert P. Maxon valiantly served his country in WWII and went on to serve in several executive positions for Mobil, retiring as general manager of worldwide corporate public relations. The annual lecture features prominent executives and academics making presentations on contemporary global management issues. The lectureship is designed to add depth to the understanding of the next generation of global business leaders.


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