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Milton Kotler to Speak at Kellogg Greater China Business Conference: China at the Crossroads

Greater China Business Conference 2013May 11, 2013
Kellogg School of Management
James L. Allen Center, Evanston, IL



China at the Crossroads is the theme of the Kellogg Greater China Business Conference 2013. New leadership and new economic challenges call for critical decisions. Milton Kotler will be a panelist at the Kellogg Greater China
Business Conference addressing the topic:  Is it time for my company to have a new China Strategy? Milton joins influential leaders from academia, business, and government to engage in in-depth discussions on critical decisions that China must make during an era of leadership transition and economic challenges.

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Growth Strategies: Kotler on Marketing in MaRS Newsletter

Mars Canana Growth 03/08/2013:  “It is not enough to be profitable. Companies must also grow. In fact, if you don’t grow, you won’t be profitable for long. Staying with the same customers, products, and markets is a recipe for disaster.” Read Philip Kotler’s latest article on the MaRS Website, which helps entrepreneurs bring new and innovative ideas to the marketplace.


Philip Kotler Speaks at the ‘Values Driven Marketing’ Event

03/07/2013: The Nation reporting from Thailand writes: “Prof Philip Kotler, the world’s marketing guru who develops a new concept of Marketing 3.0, is here in Bangkok to conduct the greatest strategy seminar and training programme of the year. The ‘Values Driven Marketing’ event, hosted by Krungthep Turakij, is to encourage the new-era business to proceed marketing activities with focus on social and community sustainability. Read more


Philip Kotler Calls on Thailand to Take Leading ASEAN Role

Kotler_Thailand02/07/2013: Thailand should take the lead as the “United States of Asean” and take advantage of the Kingdom’s rich, religious culture as its selling points in branding itself ahead of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, said marketing guru Philip Kotler. Read more


Philip Kotler in India

03/06/2013: The Pioneer, an English language paper in India, reports: “Marketing guru Philip Kotler will be in India in for a workshop organised by JRE Management Institute to be held on March 14, 2013. The workshop will centre around the emerging trends and tools of marketing for the future with special emphasis on digital and social marketing. Philip Kotler is going to be in Delhi after a gap of almost 15 years. His visit coincides with the growing emphasis on skilling in India as well as recognition of India as a source of high quality managerial acumen.” Read more