Feb 262013

In Chapter Two of our book, we discuss how to grow through developing committed customers and stakeholders. It is more important to obsess about you customers than to obsess about your competitors. It is your customers, not your competitors, who buy your products and drive your profits. Losing customers is expensive. We live in a world characterized by an abundance of goods and services; a surplus economy. What is in short supply here is customers. How do we make certain that we keep the customers we have? We suggest you look at four key questions:

1. Which customers–and which of their needs–do you want to satisfy?

2. What are the stages that a customer may undergo in becoming more committed and loyal?

3. What can we do to improve our employee impact on customer satisfaction?

4. What can we do to improve our other stakeholder’s performance?

We look forward to sharing observations here about companies who are doing it right, how you can better understand your customer segments and their needs, actions you can take to produce more loyal customers, and ways your employees and stakeholders can impact customer satisfaction.

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