Jun 142014
Marketing Social Value by Milton Kotler, 2.13.13

Social marketing has been around for several decades, since Philip Kotler’s pioneering work in social cause marketing. What started out two decades ago as an arena of marketing for non-profit organizations to help good causes raise awareness, action and money, has now evolved into a mantra of consumer and B2B branding. A new principle has been added to the traditional 4Ps [read more]

Jun 132014
Kellogg School of Management China Forum, 2013

Panel description: China has become one of the most important international markets for multi-national companies (MNCs). China’s market is fast growing and dynamic. Chinese consumers are getting wealthier with changing behaviors, thus affecting all enterprises in the supply ecosystem. State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and local private companies are continuously striving to enhance their competitiveness. To gain a sustainable growth in the [read more]

Jul 262013

(Foreword: We have asked Tom Osenton to contribute a blog to Kotler on Growth because of his scholarship and provocative strategic insights on economic growth. We were very impressed by his book The Death of Demand, 2004, FT Prentice Hall. He traces the historic decline of U.S. consumer decline and challenges us to find a way to live in a permanently low growth [read more]

May 102013
The Future of American Companies in China

Milton Kotler’s Presentation at Kellogg’s Graduate School’s 2013 China Forum, May 11, 2013 Key questions:  [Trend] What are the top three trends in recent years about China market, regarding business environment/ regulation, competitive landscape, consumer behaviors, and value chains? How would they re-shape China market and your company’s China strategy in the future? MK Answer to 1: A) The most [read more]

Apr 032013
Philip Kotler Maxon Lecture on Social Responsibility, Reputation and Profit

Download Philip Kotler’s Maxon Lecture, given at the George Washington University School of Business. In it, he discusses the relationship between company profits, company reputations and corporate giving. He shares the current thinking and answers to such questions as: What are the key factors that contribute to a strong corporate reputation? Is it right for a company to give away [read more]