CEOs and Global Business Thought Leaders Discuss Our Book


“The world economic order has been reset and the only way to survive is to grow continuously and sustainably. This book is a compelling roadmap to achieve growth based on first principles that businesses need to follow to negotiate a challenging yet promising future. The insights of Philip and Milton Kotler are incisive, perceptive and provide a blueprint for a successful enterprise – a must read.” Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited, India

“Phil Kotler’s done it again, giving us a superb distillation of the Big Issues of these difficult times and pragmatic advice on how companies can grow.”  –Shumeet Banerji, CEO, Booz & Company

“I think that companies would benefit greatly if their senior management would read and discuss the eight ways to achieve growth in this difficult world economy. They would recognize pathways to growth that they have overlooked.” –Ram Charan, business consultant and author of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and other best-selling business books.

“Phil Kotler is the reigning sage of marketing, with vast knowledge, penetrating insight, and a fabulous ability to synthesize a complex topic into truthful simplicity. A master teacher, Kotler continues to shape the minds of marketing leaders around the world—and through his writing, he can shape your mind, too.”–Jim Collins, author Good to Great and Built to Last

Market You Way to Growth goes way beyond marketing. It provides a fantastic framework for strategic leadership!”–Marshall Goldsmith – author of New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and #1 executive coach.

“In this period of slow growth, this book is bound to stimulate new thoughts on strategy.”–Wen Bo He, President, China Bao Steel Corporation.

“KMG China helped us to use these eight pathways to grow our civil aviation industrial park in Xian. We put customer demand before manufacturing start up. We are now the largest general aviation air base in China.”–Qian Sheng Ji, CEO, China (Yanliang) National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base

Market Your Way to Growth: Eight Ways to Win offers compelling insights for public companies that are operating in a rapidly changing and challenging global marketplace.  The Developed Markets are slow and Emerging Markets are on the fast track.”–William R. Johnson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, H. J. Heinz Company

“Constant self-renewal is one of the essential traits for any business leader, and is an important theme in the Kotlers’ book. Their wisdom, keen powers of observation, rich experience, and common sense will surely make this an important and practical business book.”–Robin Li, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, Inc.

“In these uncertain times, growth is the single biggest challenge facing businesses around the world. The Kotler brothers have provided a comprehensive and valuable guide for businesses seeking fresh ways to grow.”–N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus, Infosys, India

“The Kotler brothers are the masters of marketing and strategy! They can show you how to turn your marketing strategy into a growth strategy.”–Hermann Simon, Chairman of global consultancy Simon, Kucher & Partners and author of Hidden Champions of the 21st Century

“A brilliant guide for all business leaders seeking to move their companies to the fast lane, written by the greatest minds in strategic marketing.”–Prijono Sugiarto, CEO Astra International, Indonesia

“Kotler provides a broad sweep of some of the most current issues facing CEOs in the quest for growth, from the impact of technology in customer sourcing, fulfillment and engagement, to the role of social responsibility in aiding the growth agenda. These ideas are as relevant to companies in Asia as they are in the U.S., ideas that help us in our own journey to maximize the Asian growth opportunity.”–Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS Bank, Singapore

“Philip Kotler and Milton Kotler gave us many insightful suggestions and help. Their theory is leading us to find new ways to grow in the global market.”–Xiu Guo Tang, Founder and CEO, SANY Group

“The eight pathways are a great place for a leadership team to start ideating about stepping up growth in what is likely a low-growth environment for the next decade.”–Peter Volanakis, Former President and COO, Corning, Inc.

“Better marketing is vital for businesses in the era of social media and economical turbulence. I believe business leaders should all think strategically about marketing, as demonstrated in Philip and Milton Kotler’s book.”–Shi Wang, Founder, Vanke Group

“The Kotler brothers have provided a pragmatic and holistic approach to deliver sustainable, profitable growth. They position the eight pathways and marketing as the strategic centerpoint of the transformation to higher growth.”–Katharyn M. White, Vice President Marketing, IBM Global Business Services

“The Kotler brothers have made new contributions to growth strategy. Our company is actively practicing these 8 strategies and becoming a major force in global economy.”–Guang Quan Wu, CEO, China AVIC International

“Philip Kotler and Milton Kotler’s book is a superb refresher course for managing and strategizing in a period of slow growth.”–Hang Xu, CEO, Mindray Group

“The Kotler brothers have made a fresh contribution to the literature on ‘growth.’”–Yuan Qing Yang, Chairman and CEO, Lenovo Group

“After Marketing3.0, Kotler is again leading the way to think about how to get out of the current slow growth period gripping today’s companies and countries.”–Rui Min Zhang, Founder and CEO, Haier Group

“The insights laid out by the Kotler brothers perfectly encapsulate the strategies and mindset needed by companies today. Their eight pathways are practical not only in periods of low and slow growth but provide companies with a viable, long-term direction.”–Yuzaburo Mogi, Honorary CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kikkoman Corporation