May 092013



Thank you for your feedback, Milton, I greatly appreciate (and am humbled by) the input from one of the preeminent thought leaders in Sino-International Marketing.On partnering: I could not agree more. I believe that some of the most     lucrative opportunities in China and in the US are most efficiently     exploited by win-win partnerships, mainly because the alternative of     building up similar know-how in-house would take too long and be too     expensive if at all feasible (think secondary/tertiary markets in China or     targeting specific sub-segments of US consumer markets).

Sadly, the management layer of people with a good understanding of each other’s cultural and economic challenges and a willingness to overcome them is often limited. Frequently, I also find that the US side lacks continuity in strategy and management when it comes to China (and other emerging markets for that matter) leaving a lot of money on the table.

Your China blog is a gem! I will take a closer look once I have finished     writing my thoughts on what other US companies can learn from the     near-complete and ongoing failure of one of the most successful US     industries (Hollywood’s movie industry) in China.

By Uwe Karbenk

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